Welcome Message from TIPA

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

      I am thrilled to extend an invitation on behalf of the Thai Industrial Pharmacist Association (TIPA) for your participation in the upcoming 7th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology 2024 (PST2024). Scheduled for May 30-31, 2024, this event will revolve around the theme, "Global PharmaConnect: Integrating Sciences, Technology, and Industry for a Future Sustainable Innovation," encompassing a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical sciences, ranging from foundational research to practical applications.
      PST is an annual gathering that focuses on showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, equipment, machinery, materials, and systems within the pharmaceutical industry. Our primary goal is to foster collaboration between the pharmaceutical sciences, technology, and industry, with a special emphasis on promoting research, innovation, development, and the commercialization of laboratory outcomes through effective industry-university partnerships.

      Building on the success of previous conferences, PST 2024 remains committed to connecting researchers, industrialists, academicians, and practitioners involved in the delivery, discovery, and manufacturing aspects of pharmaceuticals. This event is not only an international conference but also features an exhibition designed to bridge the gap between the realms of science and business. Attendees can anticipate a rich platform for idea exchange, the exploration of novel opportunities, and the expansion of their knowledge base.

      I am confident that PST 2024 will serve as a nexus for multidisciplinary researchers hailing from academia, industry, and government, offering valuable opportunities for international networking and knowledge exchange. Your presence will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this event.

      I eagerly look forward to welcoming you to PST 2024.

Warm regards,
Rungnapa Amarinthnukrowh
President, Thai Industrial Pharmacist Association
PST Conference 2024
Faculty of Pharmacy Chiang Mai University
Suthep Rd. Chiang Mai 50200

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